Sitemap - 2022 - MONETARY CURRENT

Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX Collapse

Biden Administration Has Gone Bipolar Over Gasoline Prices

Belarus Bans Price Increases

The Inverted Yield Curve

Miami-Dade County Mayor Proposes Subsidizing Landlords

Worldwide Beermakers Struggle to Find CO2

How Do You Charge A Lithium Battery?

Are Unions Really the Heroes We’re Taught to Revere?

Is Texas Geothermal Energy Housing Development a "Green" Dream?

Russia Proposes Its Own Precious Metals Exchange

Student Loan Cancellation

Ron Paul - The Man

DOT Threatens Airlines with Rules if They Don't Shape Up

The $400,000 Lie

Fake Meat Companies Continue to Flop

IRS Expansion Being Sold to the People

Zimbabwe Sells Out of Gold Coins

Zimbabwe Introduces Gold Currency

Is the US Economy in Recession?

Russia Halts Gas Exports to Finland

The Anarchist Cafe

The Plant-Based Food Farce

The US Baby Formula Shortage

Monetary Inflation Begets Price Inflation

California's Power Problems

The Russian Ruble Strengthens

Do We Need to Work?

USPS To Slow Deliveries

Sri Lanka Dives Further into Poverty

Are Sanctions Against Russia Starting to Backfire?

Will the EU Strangle Itself to Counter Russia?

Russia Announces Purchase of Gold at Fixed Rate

What's in the Omnibus Bill of 2022?

Will the Fed Raise Rates?

Congress Passes $1.5 Trillion Spending Bill in Record Speed

Biden’s State of the Union 2022

Russia Invades Ukraine

Turkey's Gold Collection Program

The Welsh Free Income Scheme

The Seizure of ~$4 Billion in Bitcoin

"Experts" Weigh In with Ideas to Combat Inflation

Biden Sends "Free" N95 Masks to All

Intel Corp. Invests $20B in Semiconductor Factory

A Rare Occurrence - Politician Makes Great Speech

Mexican Government Raids Seize 380,000 Boxes of Cereal

Cuba Vaccine "Success" Amidst Threat of Starvation

PPI in at 9.75% YOY

CPI Update - 7.12% YOY

California's 'Come to Work Infected Program'

Sri Lanka is Drowning in Debt

The COMEX System

Turkish Government Scrambles to Save the Lira

Malaysian Price Controls

IRS Wants a Cut of Stolen Loot