Modern Capitalism

The Politically Incorrect Guide

Dangerous Documentaries — a non-profit project that produces liberty-minded films — has put together a wonderful animated series titled, The Politically Incorrect Guide. It is based on the best-selling series of books by the same name, published by Regnery Publishing. Each episode focuses on a different topic and stars the animated versions of the great Tom Woods and Michael Malice.

The episodes are fun, short, humorous, and informative. As the name implies, the episodes challenge the cartoonish (no pun intended) version of history that we were all taught in school and that is reinforced by the mainstream establishment.

In the first season, the last of the 10-episode series titled, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Modern Capitalism,” focuses on debunking the typical criticisms of free markets. From the words of cartoon-Tom Woods,

So why would we talk about modern capitalism? Everybody seems to hate it. But, the answer is: it’s the system that has lifted more people out of poverty than anything else in the history of the world.

This fun video crushes the critics and eloquently teaches us about the prosperous fruits of capitalism. Woods and Malice hit the following topics:

  • The historical global trend from poverty to prosperity and abundance

  • The presence of free capitalism vs. the extent of deprivation around the world

  • The perceived impending doom of overpopulation due to the successes of capitalism

  • The myth of environmental destruction by profit-seeking businessmen

You can watch the full episode below. It has a silly, twisted ending sure to leave you “in stitches.”

I encourage you to watch all of the wonderful episodes and even purchase the books (of which I own a few) for more in-depth fun education. If you wish to support the writing at Monetary Current, you can purchase the books on Amazon here.

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